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Sea Anemones, Peptide Super Heros

Review of: J. Prentis, P., Pavasovic, A., & S Norton, R. (2018). Sea Anemones: Quiet Achievers in the Field of Peptide Toxins. Toxins, 10(1), 36. DOI:10.3390/toxins10010036 If you search the VenomZone website and look under the cnidarian section, you will notice most of these toxins are derived from sea anemones (Class Anthozoa, order Actiniaria). My first literature review is a paper about these “quiet

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Species spotlight: Egg Yolk Jellies

One of my favorite activities for outreach are two sheets of beautiful jellyfish photos my lab mate and I made, all with hilarious common names. Of all the different species, most folks can immediately guess the Egg-yolk Jellyfish, Phacellophora camtschatica. P. camtschatica are true jellyfish (Class Scyphozoa, Family Ulmaridae) often confused with the Lion’s Mane’s (Family Cyaneidae). An easy way

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