Monthly Archives: June 2018

Octopi Venom, Directly to the Eyeball

I was inspired by a segment on the first show of Science Friday’s Cephalopod Week when Dr. Janet Voight  (12:11 – 13:44) casually mentioned how the Curled Octopus envenomates its crustacean prey. Directly to the eyeball. Terrifying as that is (imagine the last thing you ever see are jaws puncturing your eyes, leaving you blind and paralyzed), this is a pretty

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Fieldwork Evolution

I had the opportunity for a little “working” vacation back in Ohio. And by working, I of course mean hardcore creeking. For science. When biologists or naturalists are asked how they got into their field, the stereotype is they spent a lot of time outside as a kid, playing with creepy crawlies on the ground or catching frogs. I certainly

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