My first post!

At least I am pretty sure it is, took me a majority of the day to figure out how to get this blog put together. But fingers crossed it worked.

Probably best to say up front I have never really had a life-long desire to start a blog, least not one that was somewhat personal. I am probably below average in the online-online-presense department; I did not have a twitter before a few months ago, and hardly actually post something original to my facebook. But now that I am in my second semester of graduate school, I have seen how resources like twitter and science blogs can have a major influence both in my scientific knowledge and practicing scientific communication.

So my goal for this blog is simple: build a place for me to consolidate, share and engage myself, and you the reader, with the research I am passionate about.

So welcome to my world of the gelatinous, beware of their sting!

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