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EuroEvoDevo 2018

For my first conference in graduate school, I went international! The European Evolutionary and Developmental Biology Conference 2018 took place in Galway, Ireland, and included a Cnidaria Satellite Meeting before the main conference. It was at this satellite meeting where I would give my first talk. About 50-60 graduate students and lab heads from cnidarian labs all over the world

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Fieldwork Evolution

I had the opportunity for a little “working” vacation back in Ohio. And by working, I of course mean hardcore creeking. For science. When biologists or naturalists are asked how they got into their field, the stereotype is they spent a lot of time outside as a kid, playing with creepy crawlies on the ground or catching frogs. I certainly

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My first post!

At least I am pretty sure it is, took me a majority of the day to figure out how to get this blog put together. But fingers crossed it worked. Probably best to say up front I have never really had a life-long desire to start a blog, least not one that was somewhat personal. I am probably below average

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